Ruby Drop Earrings 18.6 ctw in 9ct Rose Gold


    Brand: QP Jewellers

    Price: £399.00


    Description: A delightful pair of ruby briolette earrings set in solid rose gold. Ruby briolettes are quite rare, adding to their mystique and making them extra special. These earrings also contain two brilliant cut round rubies with exceptional colour qualities. Each stone is hand selected, ensuring it's an exact match and exhibiting the supreme qualities demanded by high grade gemstones. Four rubies, total 18.6 ct for both earrings combined. Briolette cut.

    Merchant: QP Jewellers

    Product ID: 22932

    Category: Womens Jewellery

    Delivery time: 2-3 days

    Delivery cost: 0

    MPN: 4510R

    RRP: 850

    Warranty: Lifetime Warranty

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