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An Introduction To Fashion Bangles

Bangle bracelets have become very popular in the last few years. It seems like everywhere you look there are more celebrities and stylish trend setters getting in on the bangle trend. Today’s bangle bracelets are a far cry from the plain single-colour bracelets you might remember from years ago. Those simple bracelets have been given a makeover and are now some of the most sought-after fashion accessories. If you are new to the world of bangle bracelets, here’s what you need to know.

Surface and core

The best bangle bracelets have a core metal content and a surface metal content. Gold bracelets, for instance, will have a 14, 18, or 24 karat gold surface and a core of a different metal. Gold is a very soft metal so it has to be supported with a material that is more substantial. This core content doesn’t diminish the value of a bracelet; in fact, depending on what material is on the inside, the value could increase considerably.

The inside portion of a bracelet is intended to give it strength and stability. The outside of a bracelet is much more decorative. It may be plain gold, silver, or a mixture of metals; coloured elements, three dimensional portions, coloured gemstones, and charms may also be found on the surface of a bangle.

Plain and decorative

Bangles come in plain, lightly decorated, and highly decorated versions. When putting together your personal collection of bangles make sure to include plenty of plain and lightly decorated bracelets. These will help space out the highly decorated ones and make those look more impressive when you wear them. Worn all together, several lightly decorated bracelets and two or three highly decorated ones will look especially rich and complex. Add a couple of coloured elements in and you’ll soon see the desired effect.

Selecting bangles

There are a few things to consider when selecting bangles for yourself. Most women know whether gold or silver jewellery looks best on them and have preferences regarding these precious metals. If you are unsure about whether gold or silver suits you best, slip a gold bangle on one wrist and a silver one on the other. Warm skin tones are best complemented by gold and cool skin tones look best with silver. If they both look more or less the same then simply select the bangles you like the look of best.

Cost is an important consideration though it shouldn’t be the only factor you think about when selecting your bangles. Instead of breaking your budget trying to purchase as many large and highly decorated bracelets, just select a couple of expensive bracelets to start with along with a good selection of fundamental ones. This strategy will help your budget stretch further and ultimately give you a range of jewellery styles to experiment with.

Bangles for any occasion

As you explore the many varieties of bangle bracelets available you will certainly notice that some are more formal in style than others. Formal and casual bracelets give you a more versatile jewellery wardrobe though to start with you might find it simpler to focus on developing a particular look depending on how and where you plan to wear your bangles.

Bracelets with gemstones or gemstone charms can be safely worn on formal occasions or in professional business settings. Bracelets with novelty charms are great for weekend wear, casual business attire, or going out for the evening. If you plan to wear your bracelets frequently then a combination of casual and formal ones will work best for you. If your bracelets will be worn primarily to work or out on the town then select ones that are more versatile.

Bangle bracelets come in many styles and colours. Gold and silver, plain and decorative, these bracelets are the perfect mix and match accessory for any outfit. You can achieve many looks with this versatile jewellery wardrobe.