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Selecting jewellery

Selecting the Perfect Piece of Jewellery

From diamond necklaces to sparkly earrings and dangling bracelets, every girl loves Jewellery. And whether or not it's a special occasion, she always loves something new. It doesn't matter if you are shopping for your mother, your wife, or your daughter. If you are looking for the perfect gift, then this is the answer. Women young and old love to accessorise. A necklace or a ring can make them feel beautiful, cute, confident, or elegant depending on the style. And depending on her mood, your loved one could be going for any of these looks on a given day. So, the question is, what do you get her?


Whether it's for her birthday, Mother's Day, or just to say, “I love you”, a new piece of jewellery will bring a smile to any mother's lips. The thing to remember about mothers is, they are sentimental, as most of us are. This being said, she will love anything you give her, but by making it something special, you put even more meaning into the gift.

If you are getting her a birthday present, consider something with her birthstone in it. Not only will this be a meaningful gift because it is associated with her origin, but birth stones are also said to have special attributes. You can easily do a web search to find out what your mother's stone is and its attributes if you don't already know.

For Mother's Day, consider something that represents the special bond between mother and child. One idea would be to give her a necklace with all the birthstones of her children on it. This is a common gift and can often be added to as more children are born making it versatile, beautiful, and meaningful all at the same time.

For an “I love you” gift, you could go with something fun that she can wear every day. Does she have a favourite colour, or style? Something like a necklace is always a good choice, as they can be worn with a variety of different outfits, and adds that extra touch for any occasion.


If you are shopping for jewellery for your wife, there is one thing you should keep in mind. You know what she likes, so don't second guess yourself. If you think she will like it she probably will. Whether you are getting her a birthday or anniversary gift, or just want to buy her something special, if it came from you she will love it. All the same, if you want to really make her heart flutter, here are some pointers.

Give her something meaningful. Like mothers, wives are also sentimental. Think back to a time when she told you that she loved turquoise stones or a beautiful polished rock she pointed out to you at one of those roadside rock shops when you were on holiday once. If she mentioned it to you, that meant she liked it and wanted it. By remembering that and giving it to her as a gift that she can wear, she will feel like you really care and listen to what she says.

For an anniversary, you should look for something that represents your love. Diamonds are of course the most common stone associated with love and marriage but there are others as well. Quartz, jade, crystal, and ruby are also said to be symbols of love and devotion. You can also get her a piece of jewellery with a pendant or symbol of love, such as a humming bird, heart, rose, or starfish. Along with this gift, a note or poem explaining the significance of the piece will add a nice touch.


Whether your daughter is 3 or 23 she will always be your little girl, and she will always love something new to accessorise with. It doesn't matter if you are buying her a birthday present, a graduation present or a special trinket from a holiday you took.

For younger girls something fun and colourful is usually the answer. While little girls love beautiful stones, they will be happier with something they can wear every day and show off to their friends.

For your older daughter, something meaningful and beautiful will really hit the spot. A birthstone ring or a beautiful necklace she can wear to a dance or on a date will make her smile and know that you love her.

No matter who you're shopping for, you will make her smile with the right piece of jewellery. It doesn't matter if it's something fancy, something cute, or something sentimental. If it's from someone she loves, it will make her day.