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Brand: Montblanc

Description: Montblanc MB01 Over- Ear Headphones x Montblanc Ultra Black Edition, 127668. As part of the Montblanc Ultra Black collection, these limited edition Montblanc MB 01 headphones showcase the new Montblanc pattern, which is embossed on the headphones' ear cups. The combination of the black-on-black pattern with the black-coloured aluminum parts gives these headphones a sleek modern look, while keeping the Montblanc elegance. The Montblanc MB 01 Over- Ear Headphones are our answer to clients' growing expectation of comfortable companions for longer meeting days, sound quality and haptic experience. Their combination of leather, comfortable cushions and contemporary headphone technology enable our audiences to master a full day of calls, relax while listening to their favorite tunes or focus with Active Noise Cancellation. In the box: Headphones, pouch, jack cable, USB cable, airline adapter Ergonomics: Spacious ear cups, foldable hinges for optimal fit to your head and minimum storage space. Ear cushions and headband padded with memory foam for long-lasting comfort. Dimensions: 85 x 144mm.

MPN: MNT-475

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Price: £535.00

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Headphones 1 to 1 of 1