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Category: Jewellery and watches

Brand: Made By Thu

Description: The Cotton Rainbow Wall Hanging from Made by Thu. The rainbow wall hanging is handmade only and each rainbow is unique. Please be aware these handcrafted pieces are made to order, so will take 4 weeks to create. Materials: Yarn, Thick cotton Size: width approx 22 cm X 19 cm Please get in touch for any other size or any colour. Contact our bespoke team now: Call: +44 (0) 117 933 9501 Email: concierge@jewelstreet. com About The Designer: Made by Thu is based in the UK and creates colourful handmade home decor, gifts and accessories to brighten your day. Every artisan piece is handcrafted by Thu, who has a passion for fiber art and crochet, and a commitment to sustainability. To find out more about the designer, please visit Made by Thu.

Delivery cost: 3

Colour: Multi Coloured

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Product ID: MBT-CRWH


Price: £20.00

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Made By Thu Jewellery And Watches 1 to 1 of 1