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Category: Jewellery and watches

Brand: Pinky Swear Jewelry

Description: The PONG Sterling Silver Necklace by Pinky Swear Jewelry. Pinky Swears PONG necklace is a natural for Ping Pong aficionados, but we'd like to recommend it as the perfect playful symbol for friends or lovers~ who ping-pong their affection back and forth. Handmade one at a time in Sterling Silver and pearl, with your choice of Turquoise, Black Jade, Red Sardonyx and Malachite. Please contact us for custom stone inlay pricing and availability. Pinky Swear vibe: Right Back At Ya~ Details Necklace center measures approximately 2 inches (50 mm) across and inches (13mm) tall. Chain length is 18 (46cm), other lengths available on request. Can be ordered in our silver + gold version. Please contact us for pricing and details. Contact our bespoke team now: Call: +44 (0) 117 933 9501 Email: concierge@jewelstreet. com About The Designer: Pinky Swear Jewelry is based in the US and was founded by Beth Wagner. Beths interests and influences range from Korean drama to quantum physics to mythology and history. These obsessions always seem to find their way into silver and gold to form the Pinky Swear Jewelry collection. To find out more about the designer, please visit Pinky Swear Jewelry.

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Colour: Multi Coloured

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Price: £284.00

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Pinky Swear Jewelry Jewellery And Watches 1 to 1 of 1