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Category: Jewellery and watches

Brand: Tooche

Description: The Freddy Electricity Bag by TOOCHE. This bag is made by hand with love and care to every detail. We use only 100% natural Australian wool that is why the bag is so soft when to touch; at the same time the bag keeps its form and don't absorb moisture, so your belongings will be safe. The form is made so that you can store all the necessary things with you. Exclusive Australian wool felt + vegan fur Chain strap which you can wear on a shoulder or crossbody Packed in a dust bag The locker can be closed with a small key that is attached An inside pocket fits mobile phone (up to i Phone 6+)100% vegan Dimensions: height: 18 cmwidth: 20 cmdepth: 6 cm

Delivery cost: 12.55

Colour: N/A

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Product ID: TE-FEB


Price: £133.06

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Tooche Jewellery And Watches 1 to 1 of 1