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Category: Mens Watches

Brand: Bateren and Co

Description: The Pacemaker 1 is a astonishing, solid and versatile watch that takes you to a new level. Thanks to automatic movement and unmatched build quality the watch is rugged yet refined and can withstanding the pressure of a shark bite! Well thought design makes The Pacemaker 1 perfect companion for all social and official occasions. Chic black face and elegantly thick straight lugs coupled with the range of interchangeable straps give the watch a strong and timeless look that works with a suit, an informal shirt or even a hoody. Great price point, water resistance of 30 ATM and superb materials like surgical stainless steel and sapphire crystal glass plus super luminous hands and markers make the watch one of the best among it's class. The proud name Pacemaker 1 perfectly reflects the quality, durability and elegance of this magnificent timepiece.

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Bateren And Co Mens Watches 1 to 1 of 1