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Category: Mens Watches

Brand: Sony Fes

Description: Change up your look whenever you want to with the fashionable e-paper watch. Just one push of a button changes the design of the watch face and strap, so you can match your style. The watch syncs via bluetooth to ensure accurate timekeeping, as well as allowing you to upload your own designs to the watch, to truly personalise it. The inbuilt storage holds up to 24 designs, but many many more are available and being updated regularly. A simple, elegant case and bracelet are comfortable, and the strap is easily adjusted to fit comfortably. A long battery life keeps this watch away from needing to be charged daily, and lasts approximately 2 weeks with normal use. Compatible with i OS 9 or later and Android 5.0 or later smartphones, using Bluetooth BLE 4.1

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RRP: 529.00

Warranty: Official 2 years Year Warranty

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Price: £529.00

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Sony Fes Mens Watches 1 to 1 of 1