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  • Fabergé Colours of Love Limited Edition 18ct Rose Gold & Ruby 180 Mini Fluted Egg Objet

    Price: £66240.00

    Brand: Fabergé


    Description: In celebration of the 180-year anniversary of the iconic house of Fabergé, we've introduced The 180-year anniversary capsule collection, comprised of the Colours of Love Rose Gold Diamond & Ruby Fluted '180' Egg Pendant and the 180 Limited-Edition Rose Gold & Ruby Mini Fluted '180' Egg Objets. Both creations are crafted from 18ct rose gold and feature responsibly sourced Gemfields Mozambican rubies. The 180-year capsule collection takes its inspiration from 'fluted' gold creations in the Fabergé archive, a technique for which Peter Carl Fabergé was renowned, and which featured heavily in his early works of art. The gold fluting decoration is considered his trademark style, seen in many of Fabergé's exquisite pre-1917 pieces, which ranged from jewellery to picture frames, cigarette cases and other objets d'art. It can also be seen in modern day creations, including the popular Colours of Love fluted rings. Fabergé has always been known for surprising audiences with the unexpected. With a height of 62mm and a diameter of just 35mm, the Limited-Edition Rose Gold & Ruby Mini Fluted '180' Egg Objet fits in the palm of your hand - a miniature masterpiece. The artful fluting brings out the natural beauty of the 18ct rose gold, by creating curved surfaces and mixed levels that create contrasting light and shadow. The fluting is arranged in a radial pattern which creates a sense of energy and joy, like the rays of the sun. At the centre on both sides of the egg is a glowing cabochon ruby, responsibly sourced from Gemfields' Montepuez ruby mine in Mozambique. The rubies have been selected for their exceptional colour, as well as for their symbolism - rubies long being associated with passion, prosperity and protection. A delicate row of smaller Gemfields rubies adds subtle texture and sparkle to the piece, separating the two radial patterns around the circumference. In a playful twist, the egg can be removed from its base. Fabergé Colours of Love Limited Edition 18ct Rose Gold & Ruby 180 Mini Fluted Egg Objet - shop the best deal online on jewellery-compare.co.uk

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