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  • Aseem Gioielli Brass Manava Stud Earrings

    Price: £20.62

    Brand: Aseem Gioielli


    Description: The Brass Manava Stud Earrings by Aseem Gioielli. These beautiful stud earrings are perfect for any occasion. The patina finish has been obtained by using a forced ageing technique. This is done by exposing the brass elements to a blend of chemical solutions over the period of one week. After a final buffing to freeze the patina a clear lacquer has been applied to the earrings. Size: 30mm 15mm Care: Avoid direct contact with harsh chemicals Store in a ziplock pouch to protect from moisture The finish of the Astra shall change over the period of time, only adding a vintage appeal to these beautifully crafted pieces.

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